Camp Driftwood. Boating at Driftwood

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Rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and a sunfish are provided free of charge to our guests in season.*

Guests are also welcome to bring their own boats, as long as they are not too large (party barges, for example, will usually not fit at our dock).

We have our own launching ramp and boat dock with a number of slips for visitors.

There is a docking surcharge of $75 per week or $15 per day per boat. This does not apply to boats provided for free by Camp Driftwood, even if you use your own motor on one of them (our rowboats can hold up to a 15 h.p. outboard). And, of course, there is no charge if you bring your own canoes, kayaks or other small boats that you leave on shore. Boats left on shore should not be placed on the kids' swimming beach, however.

Please advise us, when making your reservations, if you do wish to bring your own boat; to make sure we can accommodate you.

Rental boats are available locally and may also be docked here at Camp.

Sorry, jet skis and other personal watercraft are not allowed.

Inspections: If you bring along your own motor boat, it will need to be thoroughly inspected before launching at Camp Driftwood, to make sure it's not carrying any trace of invasive species from other lakes. Live bait wells, bilge water and engine water may all be part of the process. Boaters can verify that their watercraft has already been inspected and/or decontaminated TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF AQUATIC INVASIVE SPECIES. INVASIVE AQUATIC PLANTS AND ANIMALS ARE AMONG THE LEADING CAUSES OF BIODIVERSITY LOSS AND THE DESTRUCTION OF FRESHWATER ECOSYSTEMS. ONCE AN INVASIVE SPECIES ESTABLISHES ITSELF IN NEW WATERS, IT IS VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO MANAGE AND ERADICATE. NYS law requires boaters to follow established protocols to ensure compliance, either through a tamperproof tag issued by inspectors at the state's network of inspection stations or via a state-designed self-certification. There are State inspection services and free wash (decontamination) stations at the Indian Lake NYS DEC launch site and at Lake Durant.

*high water, particularly in the spring, may mean there's no room for the sunfish, which will also not be available late in the season when the weather turns cold.