Camp Driftwood. Fishing at Driftwood

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Fishing is excellent for the dedicated angler. The lake has large populations of smallmouth bass and brown trout, and also contains lake trout, landlocked salmon, pike, whitefish and a variety of panfish. Nearby Lake Abanakee abounds in northern pike. Lewey Lake and Blue Mountain Lake also boast excellent lake trout fishing.

Favorite fly fishing streams include the Indian River, the Hudson and the Cedar. Many local ponds, such as Bullhead and Sprague, have been stocked exclusively with trout by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation. Sprague Pond has been declared catch-and-release only. More than 90 lakes and streams in Hamilton County are stocked with brook trout. Dozens of others have native brook trout populations.

From trout season in our cold streams all the way to jigging through the ice in mid-winter, the fishing season never ends here.

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